My Dolls House named The Point

My Dolls House named The Point

A few years ago i decided to build a dream dolls house that was very up to date and modern and stylish.

Made from mdf, i began cutting and  preparing wall panels, ideas were coming out of ears, it was then decided i wanted a curved frontage, which later was to become my biggest nightmare , read on, its fun



Now in white primer as above ready for fitting glass sliding doors on the left side

now just messing with front doors, just designed them, cut holes etc , fitted some glass blocks to see how it will look, doors will be painted white today, will also order the tinted glazing and finishing strips , french doors that i have in place maybe replaced with the tinted glazing too, ?? as unsure how they look ?? great to be able to design my own, just design & build , im having fun with all the power tools, etc, generally making a mess, now i have the sawdust & mess to clean up after lunch, but hey so much fun, let me know what you’s think of my new house.

The curved parts is going to be tinted glazing from top to bottom with steel / chrome flat bar , with downlighters looking on it from top.

I’m not really going for any era, just very modern feel to it, i just go with the flow

house is coming on nice, just awaiting of glazing now, im still tinkering, fitting french doors on the front, as i thougth the glazing would be too much, as it is going on the right side of the house, and just planning the balconys now, great fun

now have the glazing, but not sure how to bend it round the curved part, i purchased 3mm but it bends a little but not as much i as i would like, any ideas

Hi, im defeated, i have tried hot water in the bath, no avail, tinted glazing is too big for oven. tried the hairdyer and it has now either packed in or burnt out , it no longer works. arrgggg

I’m fed up, nearly demolished the house trying to screw the curved part down and all the screws popped out , mdf is now split,

Im sick of it. i was really looking forward to having the glazing fitted today, as i had a few hours spares, first for day, and then all of this.

Just trying to calm down with a cup of tea, I am now going to look for 1mm glazing

I almost give in, and really dont like to ask my partner for help at all, but give in, and now my partner is too help me , he suggests template , or ratchet straps and since he has a heat gun in which i did not know, he will put heat to it, and hopefully it will bend , curve and work. since i now have 4 holes running down the side of the glazing, where i tried to fix the glazing in place, ie hairdryer treament, to no avail,long storey, i will fit a couple of trims

Trust me to want something a little different, curves, angles etc

I promise i will not be beaten, i will press on with it, today i will finish the other door i have been working on, this one is going well, thank god

Hi, im back, tried boling water, no avail, since then partner tried to curve the part, nearly had it within 1″ either side, i was prepared to use screws in keep in place, but he dicided to try again, you can only guess what happened next, pear shaped. too much heat, it went all strange, and now it is all shapes, fit for bin.

As you can imagine after 3 weeks form ordering it till now , i have now totally given up on the idea of curved front, shame really, so back to the other plan i had in mind

have ordered order more cut to size and will place them straight, ie 6 parts but still leaving the curved part of the wood, it should look okay, i feel like it has been like losing battle, sure it will be worth it in the end, fingers crosed for next time, when it arrives, it should be just a matter of fixing into place with solicone and bingo.

Honestly i have tried to acquire tinted acrylic in 1mm everywhere, as this would easily bend to shape, emails sent, phonecalls made, to no avail, so have settled with the same again 3mm, i must admit i have tried other pieces i have, in place and it looks just fab, with the idea of downlighters onto it , it will have that wow factor i’m after,


hi, tried bq days ago, but they only have clear , not tinted, worth a try though, i’ll get there, i wont be beaten

hi, im back, just received my tinted glazing, not had a chance to do anything more to the house , just so so busy, xmas coming,

Im going try in the next few days, promise i will send pictures once the glazing is in place, and keep yous up to date

hi, im back to working on my new build, you would not believe the trouble i have had with this one door, i very nearly took to smashing it the other day, but came to my senses, to put it bluntly i removed the whole door, dismantled and totally gave up with the idea of the curved tinted paned door. that is now scrap wood in bits.

i then started again , cut a brand new door , new design, back to the “point ” idea i had very early on in the build, GOOD NEWS IS new door is in place, with tinted windows, just have to place another piece of tinted glazing and promise i will put some images on the forum for you to see, not as i wanted , but still quite pleased i have finally a door that is very nearly finshed, never ever have i put so much work into 1 door, what with the glazing teething problems etc, it was total nightmare. never ever again, me and my fancy ideas, uh

not even started on the side windows or the roof window, but that will come at a later date, i wanted a break from windows so gone onto the lighting,

YES, i have also started on the wiring system, yes LIGHTS are going in, copper tape in place now, i’ll let you know how i get on in the next few days.

Hi, i’m back, after a weeks holiday, good news is i have lots of ideas for the house, just before i went away

1. I fitted some of the lights, more to be fitted

2. I made sliding doors & fitted to sloping roof section, 2 doors slide open, very smoothly on the runners.

3. I did the flooring, fitted skirtings

4. Began making runners for the left side sliding doors, i decided glass blocks are not to be used !

5. Took some of images of it looks,

The ” POINT ” is getting there, yeah its just the nickname i gave it after trouble with the curved galzing etc did not go to plan so the pointed front doors idea came in, and were made instead.

Good news is i now have all my lights i was waiting for and now these are to be fitted, so the house will become fully light, expensive this lighting lark, but HEY what a difference, SURE THEY WILL BE VERY MAGICAL, as the others i have fitted are.

It is a long process, just putting in a few hours a week if that , at present, but really enjoying see the house come along. still lots and lots of work to be done, but no hurries

I’ll get more pics of the sliding doors, sure you will love the them,

Hope you enjoy the pics PIC 1


i’m hoping to get back to the building process of my modern style house, been very very busy with work, , not had a chance to get back to it fro months, i’;m hoping to proceed early next week on it, lots of work still to do, but i’m in no rush, all part the fun, i have lots of designs for the interior, been shopping for furniture, etc, i may even make some myself , i’ll see how it goes, promise to post some pics when i’m a little further on

hi, im back onto the house project, all lighting finished for now, all working, so very impressive,

wallpapered main walls, hope eveyone likes it, my sister states i have built a minature version of her own lounge, great taste she has, bought wood strips , just finished lounge and dining area, fitted skirting boards, fitted runners for the sliding door in the lounge,

I’m after modern door handles or what i can make them out of ? must be modern looking , ie silver or chrome to fit in with tinted sliding doors

still not decided on the stairs, may have a play around today with them again, but the tester stairs i made earlier do look good, very very modern, so may well go ahead with them, and add my finishing touches to them, hope you like my pics, PIC 2, 3 4

stairs1 PIC 2 lounge1 PIC 3 lounge3 PIC 4

ps, forgot to say, could’nt help but try some modern furniture in the room,

The black & white flock is from b & q , approx £6.00 i think, on a roll, just sticks on , really easy.

elf minature are fab, i have ordered my handles, just awaiting delivery, very impressed with the service Elizabeth offers.

The flooring came from ebay, “DOLLS HOUSE FLOORING /BOARDS PACK OF 100 REAL OAK”  very easy to fit, glued down and sanded, and i just used furniture wax to give it nice satin finish, volia

im back, just about finished a few more rooms, flooring down, basic furniture is in, new modern handles are inplace, looks the part,

best of all chrome staircases are in and railing made and fitted, all coming along nicely, will post some pics very soon

hi, yes , same handles as the kitchen units, very easy to fit, drill holes, bingo. i think they look great with the doors

Hi, im back, with more images, hope you like them PIC 5, 6 7,

diningroomjulieannsdollshouses1 PIC 6 newmoderndoorhandles1 PIC 5 stairs1julieannsdollshouses PIC 7

Hi, still not 100% sure on the stairs, but they do for now,

not sure what to put on the rooftop, just tried placing this tiled paper, let me know what others think on this, just put in place for now, PIC 8


view of the side doors, which will link to the extention that i intend to build for kitchen and ensuite room, next project i guess, wehn im happy with thsi, but still huge amounts of work to be doen, ie tidy up, railing for the rooftop, railing for the balcony’s etc. PIC 9


Ps ,, Must Try And Spell Correctly In Future, Next Project I Guess, Laughing , Julie Anns Dolls Houses

House is coming on fine, just started on the rooftop railings, hope you like the pics, i used aluiminum bars, and very hard to find glue to stick,  PIC 10

rooftoprailings2 PIC 10


Also just started on the balconys railing, will hopefully finish these off today, all in im enjoying the whole process,

I also did bathroom with a tiled effect paper, but not 100% convinced, i may change it, i just cant seem to make decesions these day !

On the lookout for a very modern bathroom suite, i did fancy a rolltop with chrome center taps,

i originally tried bending with pliers, but made a mess of it, then my lovely partner stated it had a brake pipe bender from his day of messing with cars, i never used such a thing, but once i was shown as was away, so brake pipe bender did just the job nicely,

I will try superglue, just in past in seems only to stick my fingers together and nothing else.
but certainly will try it, just finished balconys railing , just awaiting wood glue to set etc , all railing are cut and in place, once all done i show a pics, as i know yous all love pictures.

as for the bathroom , i will look at the soapdishes in the future , clever idea, as for taps i may even try and make these with my new tool, yes you guess it “brake pipe bender ”

ps forgot to say i also finished railings out side the upper sliding doors,

must get back to my new build, as im additicted, if thats how you spell it, totally and utterly engrossed with it, im sleeping, thinking ideas of my next step is, sad or what, but I LOVE IT.

must finish all the niggling bits general tidy up, then my next project it the extention, rememeber the house and extention is all from scrap wood & mdf i have lying around, as i lile recycle where i can. who says dolls houses are just for kids !

hi, im back onto the house, looking fab,

wondered if anyone can help with the lighting/wiring, the right glazed front door of the house has downlighters into it, i have the wiring coming from the door and into the house, but the wiring looks very wrong, is there anyone other way i could do this, ie make contact , so lights will work, dont get me , they work now, but looks a mess with the wiring showing like this, any ideas,

also just finshed the balcony on the other door, with chrome railing, PIC 11

Picture916 PIC 11

hi, forgot to say i had finished other rooftop railing, PIC 12

PIC 12

must get better pictures once complete, PIC 13

Picture895 PIC 13

i used a combination of aluimium and steel tubing

purchased Araldite superglue., worked a treat,

good news is

I have now built the extention, looks like a mini version the main house, just primed it, today i will begin the electics, and order more lights fittings etc.

Still adding bits to the main house, ie named the point, coming on a real treat, enjoying the whole process of building houses.

To others wanting to build there own house, just let your imagination run wild, you will be surprised what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.


i’ve done a little more to the house, i have made the extention PIC 14

bathroom1 PIC 14

ts coming fine, lights are fitted, all working, i’m getting too good at this soldering lark ,
just about to decorate the rooms , oak flooring is down in the kitchen come dining, just mustering some ideas on the bathroom, ie tiles etc,

Im totally obsessed with it, although must admit it all very nearly went up in flames, i must of done something wrong when doing the lighting, seen a few sparks, and i had visions of throwing it out of the window, i honestly thougtht it was about to go up, but hey , i fixed the problem , just a case of wiring touching , so easily fixed. in fact that night i kept waking up thinking my house was on fire, yes, the dolls house that is.

Anyway , next step is to make up the front doors, any ideas ??? 1 hinged door form the left i was thinking ? or paned glazing ie for the thaat open feel, any ideas ??

Hi im back, busy rattling my heads with ideas for the bathroom, , just cannot make my mind up, discisons, let me kwow what others think , just playing around with bits of wallaper to give the idea of tiles, not sure it it looks right before pasting ?? the main back wall is going to a shower , with a large chrome shower head, with a small tiled wall set back with the bath to it, taps are going to be replaced with chrome modern taps, i will also make a wooden duckboard, large mirror above the sinks , ideas just keep coming , remember sliding door is on the right to the main bedroom, very posh,

yikes i want to live in this house ! PIC 14

bathroom1 PIC 14

Hi, im getting caried away with the inside, main front of the house is not been designed, but i think i want lots of glazing panels, if i can , railing not yet made for the rooftop, still lots of work, but hey , i have on with it since august last year so no real hurrries, all part the fun.

Hi, sorry fogot to say, i was just using the stand for a example, to get the feel of the height, i am going to make a stand or bench for the sinks to sit onto, just been pinching bits from my other house, ie towel rails etc in gold, but will either paint chrome or buy them in chrome PIC 15

bathroom2 PIC 15

hi, hope you like the new pics i have of the finished bathroom, i made the sink unit , chrome towel rail, shower unit, tiles are cut out of wallpaper , chrome taps i made myself and glued in place, hopefully i will convinced others that things can be made,

let me know what you’s think ! PIC 16

bathroom4 PIC 16

forgot to say, on the look out for glass or pretent glass shelving ? for bathroom.

just been playing around with the roof, and cutting front door, just awaiting more tinted glazing !

another pic of bathroom PIC 17

bathroom3 PIC 17

pedal bin dolls house emporium, very nice

chrome taps and towel rails are made from alumium bar, the bench that the sinks sit on, i made myself from scrap mdf covered with fablon. I can supply the sinks

i will get a close up of the bathroom unit i made, just out of scrap mdf, anyone can do it, promise you, anything is easy when you put your mind to it,

Just been thinking how long i have been on with this project, approx since last august i think !
but loving it, any spare minite i get , im at it, I’M ADDITICTED, no really it’s only what i have in mind for my real house, the sad man i happen to live with , states no, no and no whenever i happen to have an idea of how i want my real house to look, maybes this is why i tend to put all thoughts into my dolls house as i can get away with it, with no one stating “dont like it” men just dont have any idea’s when it comes to houses, sure my lovely partner would eat of tins if allowed and sit on the floor for lunch, sure its the monkey in them , i’m laughing as i write !!!

Hi, good news is railings on the extension is all done , any ideas what i should use on the roof sections of the house and extension ?

New kitchen has arrived, so cannot wait to get started on that,

Glazing has finally arrived after a 2 week wait, so i can now get on with the “LAST STAGE OF THE HOUSE” yes just about finshised now, again any ideas on the main large front door , i really wanted mostly all glazing, but impossible as i have to consider hinges fitted to wood sorround, again i’m stuck for ideas on this ????

below is some images of how it looks as today, any help on the new door door will be much appricated PIC 18

2newbuildhouseasjuly09 PIC 18

forgot to say i dont know whether to put paper or tiles on the roof ??

also the door will have to be hinged from the left, one piece door , any ideas ??????

i even thought about full sliding doors , but this would not allow full access to rooms as one door would overlap other door,

but like you say, i could make a frame sit glazing in , fit hinges and viola, i will try this and let you know how it turns out

Hi, house nearly finished, photo’s coming very soon, keep watching

good news is 98% finished the house, complete with new door, glazing in place, just about to finish trim on door, and bingo , it shoud be done, well you know, i still have bits of furniture to get , get rooms looking liveable, photo’s coming very very soon,

This house, ” the point” is the name i gave it, early on after a fight with the curved door which went out of the window as i messed it after several tries, as it was just too weak the frame to hold the glazing, so it beccame the ” the point ”

It will be a year next month since i started the project, few hours here and there, but hey well worth it, it really does look stunning, well in my eyes it does, i may add a few lights on the patio areas at later date, as all you hobbists know, a house is never finished, in fact the decor in my real size house got put on hold , whilst i played around with this dolls house i started,
my partner kindly reminded me of the fact every few months , i spend more time on my project than in my real size house , well that is how it is at times, as i’ve always said the dolls house hobby is VERY ADDICTIVE, once you start , you just cant stop, even just last night my partner was cutting a roller blind for the real size house ,and stated with the remenant in his hand “hey you could make rollers blinds for your dolls house” i laughed out loud, and then took it off him and said it was a brilliant idea, yes it looks like i have him thinking dolls houses too, as he said i have got him dolls house daft now, its rubbing off onto him too, yes i just love this hobby

hi, sure is spooky, promise i will get more photo’s for you, it looks like a building site at present as i’m just finishing the trim on it, but everything else is in place, doors on, railing all done, balcony’s done, but really looking forward to finishing it, but to be thruthfull i just finished decorating my own real size lounge, all done so now back to my project, just remebered i have to cut out holes in front door to accomadate the blue glass blocks to match that i have on the main house, promise it will be done tomoorow , and photo’s will be added, i will then begin to add my story of my project to any forums, and may even place on utube etc, as i have never used the site before and looks interesting, so all in all looking forward to it.

The Point ” Is Now Finished

Hi, thanks for the kinds words, strange how it is, but i have just finished all exterior work, and i can now say ” THE POINT ” IS NOW FINISHED, well you know how it is , some rooms need furnishing, and more items added to other rooms, i am looking for modern accesssiors, etc,

just finished taking lots of images, but i’m not very good to photography, so here we go,

i will remove my other dolls house i made lots of years ago, from the shelf, so i can take better images, so as it is i have a older type mansion and then my very modern house standing along side it, looks strange, but i cannot bear to part with my older house. may go in another room,

let me know what everyone thinking of my house, and what i can use some of the rooms for, bottom right , i’m not sure of ???? 1 huge room i have nothing in as yet, as again i’m not sure of what to put in it, i wa thinking a chill out room , with pool table, dartboard, etc but as always i cannot find a very modern one, no doubt end up making one, or i could mkae it into a gym area. !!!

here we go, photo’ s as promised PIC 18

2newbuildhouseasjuly09 PIC 18

I forgot to say, i finished the extention door, what i job deciding , sure i spent more time thinking , i just mirrored the other main door, it goes well, has to be the longest project i have endured, still i just put in few hours here and there, and finally got it finished. thing is, i want to live in this type of house myself, must buy some land and start building, not sure it will hold out though, what we me being addicticted to using mdf.

To anyone out there thinking they cannot build a house, well think again, if you put your mind to it, anthing is obtainable. so when christmas time comes and eveyone is asking what you want for christmas, states the obvious,

1. couple of sheets of mdf, and power tools.

and away you go.

Live your dream and get building

some more images , PIC 19. 20 21

Picture047 PIC 19 Picture050 PIC 20 withextention1 PIC 19 Picture002 PIC 21

really there is lot more i want to do with this house, ie make a modern pool table, and either make or aquire items for a games room. lots more to do with the kitchen, also i want to put lighting on the 2 rooftops, mind is going overtime with ideas, as you say a house i never finished, i’m just pleased the actual build is out of the way, as some things just never go to plan, but i got there in the end,

just been looking at your thread abour the stairs, very very impressive, i really love it , when people like you just get on with it, really doing a grand job there.. can’t wait to see more

Hi, im back, had lots of great support from all in the past year, still messing on with my house, just been attempting to make my first bedding set, let me know what you think, as its my first attempt

Hi, i;m back, just been fitting new chairs , sofa, etc, will get photo’s on very soon,

Hi, just getting more photo’s with new furniture i have added, will post very soon 25 2

kitchen2asfeb2010 PIC 25

Hi, still lots to do, i am going to remove black wallpaper from chill out room, and put in some red flowery , with matching cushions on the sofa, it the red retor chairs that has made me change my mind on the decor, and also change the lighting in there,
PIC 26 27

pinkroomasfeb2010 PIC 26 rooftopasfeb2010 PIC 27


black wallpaper is now off, i’ve just decided to leave all walls white , so i can just accessiorize with the red chairs, i’m back to being additicted to my dolls house, yiphee

im now looking very large plasma tv so i can place on the main wall instead of the mirrror in the chill out room, not seen one big enough ! i may have to make one myself !

just introduced some shocking pink to the lounge as i thought it was looking a bit too black, also put picture up, and made a plasma style fire, made rug and also made some shocking pink cushions, PIC 28, 29

Picture039 PIC 28 Picture041 PIC 29

the fire was made from the black glazing i had left from the windows, and then put silver strip round and then printed a image from the net and stuck it on, very easy to do, same with lcd tv

still looking for various bits and bobs for the house

im back, im just about to make a bar area for the rooftop area, any ideas how and where i will find such designs !


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